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We are a family-owned wine importer based in Florida. We import wines to the United States and work together with wholesalers throughout the country to position our wines in key retailers and restaurants. The wineries we represent are carefully chosen both for the quality of their wines and for the passion of their wine-makers.
 Our project aims to shorten the distances between Europe and the United States importing into the national territory all the best European wines.  
Our producers stand out for the care and passion in creating excellent wines from the best European vines: Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Nero D’Avola, etc

Our Strategy

To build solid long-term relationships with wholesalers and key accounts, while continuously searching for outstanding unique wines.

Passion for wine

We bring into the United States only those wines that exceed our expectations. We work together with producers to bring the best possible value in every vintage. Our lines have different oak aging times and types of barrels, adding wonderful and intense layers of flavors, aromas and increasing aging potential. In each of our wines you will find an excellent representation of its land and grape varietals.


We offer a transparent and profitable business, providing support in each-and-every step of the distribution chain. We travel every month to different states and work with distributors, retailers and restaurants. We also organize events, incentive programs with distributors, and promote our wines at the top US wine fairs throughout the year.
Through tasting our wines we want you to discover the story of our wineries and develop a relationship with them. Our portfolio carries all types of flavour profiles, grape types, and regions.

Our Values

The key words we seek in both the producer and the wine are:
  • Integrity: All our wines represent the nature and integrity of the grape
  • Discovery: Every wine is linked to a whole world made of people, places, and foods. We want to discover them with you.
  • People: We believe in supporting both our producers and our community creating this exchange of one person’s passion to another persons palette.
  • Joy: Producers who are passionate in making their wine find joy in producing it and give joy to those people consuming it